Why ‘mystic trumpeter’ as a blog title?  Just as I was graduating I heard Vaughan-Williams’ ‘Sea Symphony’ for the first time, and as well as being captivated by the music I was intrigued by the words, taken from poems by Walt Whitman.  I bought a cheap copy of his collected poems and in there found one called ‘Mystic Trumpeter’, about the writer being inspired by a trumpet-call voice which spoke to him of the deeper nature of things.  Faith and music have both been big parts of my life, and though I don’t use the title quite in the way Whitman intended, it seemed to bring those two things together nicely.  I discovered recently the death, back in 2010, of one of my brass-playing heroes, Maurice Murphy, Principal Cornet of the Black Dyke Mills Band in the 1950s and early 60s, and Principal Trumpet of the LSO 1977-2007.  One of my fondest radio listening memories was, some years ago, hearing a recording of him turn out a stunning rendition of the final movement of Ernest Tomlinson’s Cornet Concerto.  What a player!