For the past month or two I’ve been following with interest various stories about new discoveries apparently shedding a different light on the traditional New Testament story.  First, we had claims of the discovery of a lost Gospel mentioning a wife of Jesus.  Then we had the publication of new claims about the Talpiot tomb in which the writers argued that they had discovered the family tomb of Jesus.  Now it seems widely accepted that the ‘Jesus’ wife’ fragment is a modern fake (not least because it copies a typo from a modern interlinear translation of the (coptic) Gospel of Thomas available online).  Likewise most leading New Testament scholars seem un-persuaded that the Talpiot tomb has anything to do with Jesus nor probably with his family, though it remains a very interesting archaeological find.  My reading about the subject has been really informed and entertained by the blog of leading New Testament scholar Mark Goodacre – you can find it here: