I’ve been a bit hit and miss on my Lenten blogging but Day 8 of Forty Days of Yes (based on Luke 4:16-24) gave me pause for thought.  It’s a constant challenge not to prejudge what other people are/not capable of, or the insights they bring.  One of the privileges of all the oral history I have done over the course of my working life is that even people’s apparently very ordinary lives (the kind that typically start ‘well there’s not much to tell really…’) suddenly become incredibly rich as they begin to open up in conversation.  It makes me think how much of life we go through without really knowing someone, and that there’s always something more to learn – even with our very best friends.  It also prompts me to ask how much others ever get to see of me, and whether sometimes a reticence to share is born out of the hesitation: ‘can anything good come from … me?’  In that respect I like the prayer by John Carden with which the Forty Days of Yes resource concludes Day 8:  Lord, grant us eyes to see your presence and peace in strange places and unlikely people, even in ourselves’.