I don’t post a great deal about food but a recent holiday experience in Barcelona got me thinking about a seldom-channelled culinary seam: the bread-with-potato creation.  Most of the many delicious bakeries we frequented during our holiday served amongst its lunchtime sandwich options the ‘bocadillo de tortilla’, a slice of garlicky spanish potato omelette in a baguette.  To begin with I was a little non-plussed, until I realised that the potato and bread combo was effectively the mediterranean cousin of one of my favourite comfort foods, the chip butty (albeit with its own particular Catalan twist).  For my wife, a double portion of carbs with little accompaniment is far too stodgy, and she sometimes teases me that I ought to go the whole hog and serve my chip butty on a bed of rice with some pasta garnish.  But for me there is something about the taste combination of bread and fried potato that exceeds the sum of its parts.  And this got me to wondering how many other cultures also have a similar equivalent.  I doubt it would stretch to a recipe book (and even if it did, it would be unlikely to sell in this post-Atkins world…).  But as well as the chip butty and the bocadillo de tortilla, carbophiles might also like to check out:

Indian Bread Potato Rolls (http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2012/08/17/bread-potato-rolls/)

Potato Bread (Irish and German speciality, amongst other cultures) (http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/potato_bread_39335)

‘Can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet’, as they say on the food packaging…