Through work I attended a conference organised by Dr Stephen Parker of the University of Worcester this week, on ‘The Future of RE’. You can read Stephen’s initial reflections on the day in this post.


On Wednesday I hosted a day conference entitled ‘The Future of RE: prospects and problems for Religious Education (revisited)’. It was a very successful event attended by some 50 delegates and speakers (myself, Dr Rob Freathy, Dr Lynn Revell, Professor Michael Hand, Professor Bob Jackson and Dr Mark Chater), discussing issues around the present ‘crisis’ in the subject’s standing within the historical perspective created by the 1969 report of the conference subtitle.

A full conference report is being put together over the summer, drawn from the themes of speaker input, delegate discussion and debate, so I won’t pre-empt that more detailed report here, except to make a few summative points.

It was clear from the event that some repositioning of the subject is widely desired. This is much more radical than a simple change of name from religious education to the number of alternatives that were mooted. Likewise, this re-positioning…

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