There was a really interesting feature in legendary commuter freebie Metro News yesterday by Lol Ayanbunmi (‘How others mind our language’) about the prevalence of English as a worldwide language – most interesting to me with my historian’s hat on was the number of words which have some meaning in relation to time which occurred in the ten most frequently used English nouns (‘time’, ‘year’, ‘day’, ‘life’) and adjectives (‘new’, ‘first’, ‘last’, ‘long’, ‘old’).  Many of the other common words relate to the body or the physical environment (‘person’, ‘thing’, ‘man’, ‘world’, ‘hand’, ‘great’, ‘little’).  Further food for thought about how fundamental are the basic categories of time and space to human existence, and (this time with my education-for-discipleship hat on) how much we need to attend to these in exploring and living out our faith.